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Brian Jones Case Remains Closed

Despite receiving evidence during the summer that seemed to back long standing allegations that the drowning death of Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones was not accidental, officials have announced that they will not reopen the case.  A review of the circumstances was conducted after a journalist provided police with some 600 pages of transcripts from in-depth interviews he conducted with individuals that had been at the house the evening Jones died in1969.  The death was attributed to accidental drowning.  An initial report indicated the death was likely a result of drug and alcohol use by Jones, but an autopsy report later indicated that no impairing substances were in his system.  Two years ago the woman who discovered the body in the swimming pool came forward with a claim she had seen a man named Frank Thorogood ' something to Brian' after jumping into the pool.  Janet Lawson claimed that her statement to police during the original investigation had been altered by a police official before being put into the record.  Sussex police issued a statement saying '...there is no new evidence to suggest that the coroner's original verdict of death by misadventure was incorrect.'   Thorogood died in 1994.



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