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Metallica Drummer A U2 Groupie

Motorhead, Sabbath, Iron Maiden... plenty of bands strike us as ones a Metallica member would consider their favorite before U2 got mentioned.  Not Lars Ulrich.  The drummer recently told Faster Louder that he is such a huge fan of the Irish band that he would ' myself a groupie'.   Okay, he did qualify it by saying 'borderline'.  Still, it's the second funniest revelation about U2 we heard this week, finishing just behind George W. Bush admitting that he confused Bono of U2 with Sonny Bono of Sonny & Cher.
Ulrich says one reason he admires the band is their ability to persevere, calling them one of the only bands besides his own '...still functioning after 30 years', and one that is willing to reinvent themselves and think big.  Ulrich says the chance to sit where Larry Mullen does is something he'd get such a charge out of he would, '...fucking play on a parking lot' if the chance to sit in with U2 came up.  How can it not happen after he went on record with that?!


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