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Daltrey Takes Aim At TV Talent Shows

You can't blame American Idol entirely for the mind numbing onslaught of the musical equivalent of junk food pumped out during the American Music Awards Sunday (11/21), but Roger Daltrey thinks that TV talent shows like Idol and X Factor have made real musical talent much less important than a lot of other factors in the minds of the show judges and viewers.  He goes so far as to dismiss the vast majority of music performed during the programs as '...absolute tripe.'  The Who front man considers the shows an affront to any artist or fan with real taste in good music, contending that the Who, The Rolling Stones and Beatles would not have even made it to the televised rounds.  He singles out Simon Cowell for having created a format that has '...belittled the power of music', and says Cowell, '...wouldn\'t know what the X Factor was if it bit him on the bollocks.'


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