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Macabre Lennon Artifact Selling

Unusual artifacts go to auction routinely, so hearing that odd items coveted only because fate brought them into contact with someone famous is commonplace.  Things owned or touched by John Lennon are no exception. Earlier this year, a toilet from a residence Lennon lived in during the waning days of the Beatles sold for $15,000, around 10X the expected high bid.  Moments In Time puts one of the most unique and macabre Rock auction items ever on the block in mid December when it puts a copy of Double Fantasy that Lennon is purported to have autographed for Mark David Chapman a few hours before the deranged Chapman shot and killed Lennon on the sidewalk outside the Dakota Apartments up for bids. The LP is said to have been discovered in a planter outside of the building where Lennon and Yoko Ono lived in Manhattan.  The finder contracted with Moments In Time to sell the album to a private buyer in 1999 who is now using the firm to put it on the open market.  In addition to the Lennon autograph, the album comes with numerous documents including a letter thanking the original owner for use of the album in the Chapman trial and forensically enhanced fingerprints.  Odds are good that the high bidder will remain anonymous - would you want people to know you're creepy enough to own up to wanting it enough to pay what is likely to be a small fortune for it?


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