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Axl Rose Tops All In One Poll

Hate to call out Music Radar, but a poll that results in Axl Rose being declared the greatest frontman of all time hardly reflects well on the site.  In our book, Rose has a tough time cracking the top 10.  Maybe in his prime you could have made a case for him to deserve a spot with the elite, but the wheels fell off for Axl ages ago. Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin turned in sub-par performances late in their sadly shortened careers, but recent performances by Rose have been so bad that he was lucky to have escaped some of the halls intact after outraged fans pelted him and the band with obscenities and debris.  Several others that made the list do little to bolster the credibility of the poll either.  Nothing against the late Ronnie James Dio (4) or Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson (6), but do they deserve a spot ahead of Ozzy? And what about Paul McCartney making the list (10), but Mick Jagger getting shut out of the top 10?

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