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Tyler Idol Debut, New Aerosmith Fallout

If you figured the addition of Steven Tyler to the judging panel on American Idol would result in producers making sure at least one aspiring Rock vocalist would be found for the season 10 premier of the talent show a sure thing, you were as wrong as we were.  Tyler, enduring the usual early round parade of marginally talented and truly talentless (some so bad they have to be plants, right?) , used his charm and spunk to add some entertainment value to a show that was otherwise as enjoyable as a root canal.
The PR run-up to the Wednesday (1/19) premier of the show included the Aerosmith lead singer doing a number of interviews that raise new doubts about the status of his band.  While saying that the stint on Idol is temporary and he is in Aerosmith 'forever' (story), Tyler  repeated earlier claims that guitarist Joe Perry is 'missing in action' and refusing to communicate with him. He also confirmed reports from last year that he had been approached by Led Zeppelin about taking on Robert Plant's vacated position, but refuted Perry's account of an audition he did.  Speaking with Howard Stern, Tyler said he was contacted by Peter Mench, Jimmy Page's manager, who, he says, invited him to '...come over and jam with the guys.'  While Perry described the audition as 'shambolic', Tyler described it as so good that Page invited him on board on the spot, but his account of what Page said to him ('You want to write and record with me?') makes it possible the offer was for Tyler to work with him on a Jimmy Page album.  We look forward to responses from both guitarists about Tyler's comments. 
In the meantime, someone in Hollywood should be talking with Tyler about doing a pilot for a soap opera or sitcom in case this Idol gig and Aerosmith both go south.  Unlike Idol, that  we'd watch.


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