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Super Bowl & Brawl for Slash?

Slash made multiple week ending appearances on the Rock Insights radar screen, with news involving everything from an expected appearance with the Black Eyed Peas during the pop super group's half time set during the Super Bowl on Sunday (2/7), a reported altercation involving his wife and another woman in LA, and the possibility that the guitarist might work again with Axl Rose.
The Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction during her half time appearance paved the way for series of Classic Rock acts the NFL could rest easy would not be displaying more than great guitar licks during their performances at the big game.  Sunday the event returns pop superstars to the showcase slot in the form of the Black Eyed Peas. But reports are circulating that one Rocker will be in the pod.  Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash (Saul Hudson) is said to be set to do some shredding on stage with the BEP.  Uh, maybe not if the image conscious league gets wind of our next Slash related blip.
dished out a story that makes it sound like the guitarist's wife could be tough enough to crack the lineup for the Packers or Steelers.  According to the report, Petra Hudson took exception to a woman having a cozy conversation with her husband after a concert LA this week. She allegedly expressed her disapproval by delivering a kick to the woman's stomach. The gal that claims she was the intended receiver of the foot plant filed a police report that could lead to charges being filed.
The parade of odd stories included word that Slash would consider signing on for a Guns N Roses reunion.  The last GNR tour thoroughly trashed what reputation and credibility the band had left we're amazed he would even consider it.  Maybe insisting that Axl apologize to him first guarantees he won't actually have to do it.


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