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Rock's Most Famous Love Triangle

Shared loves between famous musicians are hardly rare, but when the musicians involved with the same woman rank as two of the best known of a generation and the woman inspires both to write songs that help define their careers, it warrants extra attention.  Patti Boyd, the alluring  beauty that married George Harrison, was under 20 wen she inspired him to write the song Something.  She was still Harrison's wife when Eric Clapton, himself smitten with her, penned the epic love song Layla with her in mind. Harrison and Clapton got over whatever anger and hurt feelings the episode produced to become good friends and to record and perform together before Harrison's death.  Boyd recently told the Sunday Times that she had found a note Harrison wrote her in 1976, a couple of years after her affair with Clapton contributed to the end of their 8 year relationship. The note read simply, 'E&P God Bless Us All, Love from G'.  She told the paper that the note, sent while Harrison was on tour, was ' a note of forgiveness. It was as if the hurt had finally been accepted and healed.'


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