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Poppa Van Morrison Stories Resume

An Irish court has lifted the restriction on coverage involving the personal life of Van Morrison, triggering an immediate resumption of stories claiming that the singer fathered a child out of wedlock.  The story first made headlines when the singer's own web site featured a blurb near the close of 2009 claiming Van was the father of a baby boy born to a GiGi Lee, a woman that had been employed by the singer.  Morrison, through a publicist, not only denied the validity of the story, but reportedly went so far as to maintain that the singer did not even know the woman identified as the mother - a contention so easily refuted  that it made his claim that he had not fathered the child seem about as credible as Bill Clinton's ill-advised 'I did not have sex with that woman' and set-off a whole new round of conjecture in the media.  Morrison put a stop to most of it when he subsequently sought and was granted a ruling that restricted the press from covering matters relating to his private life.  The injunction was lifted last week.  Irish & British tabloids immediately went to press with additional evidence they have collected that they maintain backs the original reports that Morrison is the father of the baby that has come to be known as 'Little Van'.  


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