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U2 Fires Back

The Edge and Bono are on the offensive.  The band has been the target of protesters at recent concerts that contend U2 should return business operations the band shifted to the Netherlands back to Ireland and start paying a full share of taxes.  'I'm all for protests. I've been protesting all my life. I'm glad they got the chance to have their say. But, as it happens, what they're protesting about is all wrong', Bono claimed in an interview with the Daily Mail.  In a letter to the Baltimore Sun, The Edge called allegations that the band relocated some of its business operations to the Netherlands for tax evasion purposes '...totally false and possibly libelous', and went on to say the group members '...have a totally clean record' with regard to taxes in all places they have tax obligations.
Protesters a security squad swarmed over as they attempted to put a banner up protesting U2's tax status during the Glastonbury festival might take issue with Bono's view that they have been allowed to have their say (story).


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