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NJ Voters Ready For The Boss

Any Garden State political position would be a step-down from being The Boss and Bruce Springsteen has shown no sign of wanting to run for one, but the polite letter Bruce submitted to a NJ paper critical of the Governor's position on economic priorities and their effect on the poor brought such a sharp response from Governor Chris Christie that the Public Policy Polling group decided to look into how the two would fare against each other in a hypothetical election.  Christie better hope it doesn't happen.  The two are relatively even in polled voter's minds now, but only 4% of Republicans consider themselves undecided while 23% of Democrats said they were on the fence.  If Springsteen got in the race and proved to be a credible candidate, chances are good that far more Democrats would end-up supporting him than Christie.  The Governor's negatives have soared among Democratic and Independent voters since the exchange with Springsteen. Overall, his job approval rating dropped to 43%, but  the numbers among Independents and Democrats took a sharp turn for the worse.  Only 16% of Democrats approve of his job performance, while Independents flipped from a 55% approval to a 54% disapproval.


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