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Scholz Says Boston Is Back

The back-to-back blockbuster albums Boston released in the mid-70's had fans assuming the group would have a long-term presence among the elite US rock bands.  But a reluctance to tour and a few long awaited and ultimately lackluster albums reduced the group to little more than a flash-in-the-pan.  With Brad Delp dead and  other original members out of patience with Tom Sholz, Scholz unwilling to work with them (or both), a great album from Boston in 2011 or next year seems like a long shot.  Then again, Scholz controlled so much of the Boston sound that anything is possible - provided he has solid material.  One thing is certain:  Michael Sweet won't be part of the album or any possible Boston tour.  The singer and guitarist that joined the group for a brief 2008 tour has returned to Stryper. The big news is not that Sweet has left, but that Brad Delp sings on 'many songs' on the next album, according to a release from the band. The fact the late singer has been dead more than four years and there is still no title or release date for the new project makes it evident that the Scholz painstaking approach to it mirrors the pace at which he has worked at everything since the release of the band's sophomore effort.


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