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Spider-Man Director Flags U2

Director Julie Taymour exited the Broadway production of Spider-Man when the massively over budget and behind schedule musical was at a tipping point.  The logistics of staging the production as originally envisioned were proving impossible for even a seasoned technical crew to pull together and outside pressure was causing the production team to come apart.  Some of that pressure was coming from Bono and U2 guitarist the Edge who, according the Taymour in an Esquire magazine interview, resorted to  misrepresenting her state of mind as a means of ousting her from the production so they could revamp it the way they wanted it staged.  She also accused some production insiders of secretly leaking info about the inner workings of the production to outsiders intent on changing things.  The Lion King director recently initiated legal action seeking compensation for aspects of the finished production that she contends she deserves. Spider-Man has been one of the biggest draws on Broadway since opening, despite less than stellar reviews.  Given the massive over-run in production costs and the enormous expense of staging it each week, few believe it will ever prove profitable.

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