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Van Morrison Mystery Takes Tragic Turn

2009 ended with vehement denials from Van Morrison that he had fathered a son with a then 42 year-old woman from Texas.  He is alleged to have instructed a representative to not only deny the validity of the story, but to claim that the singer did not even know the woman, something very unlikely since her association with Morrison was documented in his album credits.  He then sought an injunction to prohibit media outlets from covering matters in his personal life. 
A long lull in coverage of the story has ended with a report in the Daily Mail that the woman that many reports identified as the mother of the child allegedly conceived with Morrison died of cancer in October.  The web site for the paper cites court records in Texas listing probate actions in the estate of 'Gigi Ann Lee', that list a date of death of October 7, 2011.  Lee had reportedly moved to Ireland with her son.  The paper received information that Lee, 44 at the time of her death, passed away while under the care of a hospice organization in Belfast.  Do not expect a confirmation or denial from Morrison.


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