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Ron Wood Rejected Great Opportunity

Ron Wood was approached by his manager about joining the Yardbirds, the group that went on to feature three of the greatest guitar players in Rock history - Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page.  Speaking on his radio show, the Faces and Rolling Stones veteran said he shot down Peter Grant, who also managed Beck and Rod Stewart, quipping, '...I can't join a bunch of farmers.'  The New Yardbirds, as they were known at the time, would eventually morph into Led Zeppelin.
Things still worked out fine for Woody. After a run with Rod Stewart in the Faces, he would be recruited by the Rolling Stones as the replacement for Mick Taylor at the start of 1975. His most recent career move has been very well received as well.  The Ron Wood Radio Show has earned an avid following and awards in the UK and is now being heard on stations in the States.


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