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Perry Calls Tyler Hiatus a "Vacation"

In an interview with Classic Rock Magazine, Joe Perry says Steven Tyler is still a member of Aerosmith, and calls the singer and the band's current situation a 'vacation'.  The guitarist pointed out that Tyler provided the incentive to replace him on a temp basis when he announced plans to take a break from the band to do solo work.  The online account of the interview did not reference reports that the singer's management has threatened legal action against the other band members if they recruit a replacement for Tyler. (story)  Speculating on how long a gig a fill-in could expect, Perry said, '...we may only do 10 shows with the new person!', and that 'no-one's been offered the job' as of yet, a statement that does not jibe with an earlier report Paul Rogers turned an offer down. (story)  The latest candidate of interest is rumored to be Sammy Hagar.


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