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Controversial Beatle Press Conference To Sell

A recording of the 1966 press conference that touched off a storm of controversy for the Beatles hits the auction block in Los Angeles June 13.  It was during the The Toronto session with reporters in the King Edward Hotel on August 17 that John Lennon offered off-hand observation that the Beatles had become 'more popular' than Jesus. The remark was singled out by news organizations and became a rallying point for detractors of the band and Rock music in general.  The over analysis of the comment and reaction to it came as the band was looking to shed the tame, pop image it had been saddled with since bursting on the scene. At another point during the session Lennon states, 'We're obviously not gonna go around holding hands forever'. Paul McCartney seconds that by saying, 'It would be a bit, you know, embarrassing at 35.'  The reel to reel tapes, thought to be the only recording of the press conference in existence, are expected to bring close to $25,000.


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