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Perry Promises Strong Aerosmith Album

Resolving the months long meltdown between Steven Tyler and the rest of Aerosmith took only a few words between the exiled lead vocalist and guitarist Joe PerryPerry told Classic Rock Magazine '...all it took to get things back on track was a simple conversation between Steven and I.' He says relief over getting back together has jejuvenated the veteran band and that all members are well aware the group needs to convince fans turned off by the side show that developed following the split within the band after last summer's tour fell apart due to a series of health issues that culminated with Tyler injuring himself falling off the stage at the Sturgis Bike Rally.  'We owe it to ourselves first and foremost to make a great record, and we owe it to the fans too', said Perry.  The album will be the first Aerosmith studio album of new material in a decade.


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