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Canadian Promoter Sues Aerosmith

A concert promoter is seeking to recover $6 million in claimed losses over canceled Aerosmith concerts it had booked in western Canada during the group's ill-fated 2009 tour.  Keystone Entertainment names band members individually in the suit it recently filed in Calgary. Management and agents representing the Boston band are also in the legal crosshairs over the cancellations.  The suit is seeking $1.25 million for each of the five shows Keystone says it was contracted for, plus 90% of tour profits.  Steven Tyler fell off the stage at the Sturgis motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota just two days before the first of the scheduled series of Canadian concerts that got wiped out along with the remaining dates on the tour.  Keystone itself was the target of a suit filed against over an Aerosmith cancellation by a Canadian Football League for lost concession revenue and parking fees it would have collected. (story)  Keystone maintains that repeated attempts to get the dates rescheduled have been ignored by band representatives.


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