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Lennon Lyrics Fetch Huge Sum

Auction experts had every reason to think that the double sided, handwritten lyrics to the closing song on Sgt. Peppers would draw some big bids.  The single sheet of paper that contains both the words to A Day In The Life and changes and notes John Lennon made as he composed the extraordinary piece sold Friday (6/18) in New York City for $1.2 million, a sum that far exceeded even the high expectations of Sotheby's experts.  Who was willing to drop more than a million on a collectible they could carry folded in their pocket?  While we now know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall, we may never know who owns the piece of paper those words were first written down on.  The high bid came in by telephone from an anonymous American bidder.  The previous record high bid for a Beatles lyric was an even $1 million, forked over for the words to All You Need Is Love in 2005.


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