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Bonham Vows Silence On Zep Tribute

In what will rank as one of the more impressive feats in music if he pulls it off,  Jason Bonham has vowed to keep the names of the musicians joining him in his tribute tour to Led Zeppelin under wraps until they walk out on stage in the fall.  Speaking with, the son of the original Zep drummer sounded determined to prevent fans and critics from pre-judging the Experience Zeppelin tour based on the backgrounds of the players, who Bonham indicated he already has chosen.  The drummer plans a 30 date tour (the number of years since his father died) that will include massive screens showing footage of Led Zeppelin on and off stage as well of family footage of his father.  He also plans to travel with his own custom lights and sound to be certain that every concert delivers the rich multi-media experience he considers essential to the project.  While not pressed to divulge which Zeppelin songs would be done on the tour, Bonham did say that his favorite song to play is Kashmir, and called Rock And Roll the ' I always find difficult to do properly.'  Putting this project together and on the road without irritating the members of Black Country Communion, his other newly formed band (story), won't be easy either.


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