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Elton & Leon Russell In Concert

Elton John has said that the chance to play and record with Leon Russell has reinforced his desire to trade the pop material that has both defined and confined him in recent decades for the kind of down-to-earth songs that he was doing on his first few records.  Russell, who has never strayed far from his roots, has found a lot to like about collaborating with Elton as well.  How many opportunities the public will have to catch the two in concert is uncertain, but the number of shows doubled with the announcement of a Beacon Theatre concert in New York on October 19, the release date for the new album, Union.  The only other date currently scheduled is a November 3 concert at the Hollywood Palladium.  Unlike the west coast concert which will feature each artist with their own band, the New York appearance will showcase the musicians that worked with the two piano men while the album was being recorded.

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