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Fans Unload On Guns N Roses

Making 80,000 fans wait more than an hour before taking the stage Friday (8/27) put Guns N Roses in front of an audience that only an incredible set could please.  The performance Axl Rose and the current lineup of GNR turned in at the Reading Festival only made an already angry crowd more hostile.  An account of the set from Spinner describing Rose as '...bloated and red' went on to say his voice quality and attitude were equally unappealing to the crowd, which responded with booing and jeers that grew louder as the set ground on.  The night ended with many of those who hadn't walked out on GNR to check out LCD Soundsystem performing on another stage hurling abuse at Axl and the band as they walked off after a failed attempt to play Paradise City.  Mercifully, power to the stage had been cut off after a set Spinner reports was plagued by Rose's lackluster vocals and the band as a whole delivering a performance that came across as an '...oddly high-pitched, nasal whine.'

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