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Crowe's Singer Can't Stand Swift

Diplomacy is something Chris Robinson seldom bothers with.  Telling the audience what he thinks of Miller Beer, sponsor of the 1991 ZZ Top tour during his band's opening set, reportedly got the Black Crowes dropped from the tour.  Verbal and occasional physical altercations involving Robinson have cropped up at other times as well.  The latest target of Robinson's ire is pop star Taylor Swift.  In an interview with Nylon Guys magazine, Robinson is quoted as saying he finds it embarrassing that adults consider Swift talented, saying, 'She's not. She might be cute, but she is horrible.'  He goes on to lump her in with the other contemporary pop artists he says, '...make records with producers who play a chord into a computer and it all comes out the same'
Robinson's band is winding down the Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys tour, after which the band will go on an indefinite hiatus.


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