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Latest Zeppelin Reunion Rumors Discounted

Music information sites can be a flakey as some of the less reputable ones selling discount designer fashions.  Good ones seldom get sucked in by rumors without doing some good background work to check on how likely they are to have merit, so we were surprised to see a few of the ones we generally consider to be pretty solid on that count run with a story indicating that Robert Plant is warming to the idea of a Led Zeppelin reunion.  Rock Insights won\'t run with a speculation based story about Zeppelin or its members without checking with to see what Steve Sauer, who writes Lemon Squuezings for the site, has to say about it.  As usual, Sauer has done his homework.  He notes that the off-hand comment by Robert Plant fueling the latest rumor was actually made a couple of months ago - several weeks prior to more recent statements by Plant (story) that put the possibility of him agreeing to a Led Zeppelin reunion on even odds with Obama and Sarah Palin as running mates in the next Presidential election.


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